Re: Tech Talk
From: Mac Thomson (
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 10:43:49 -0500
> As one who lurks with increasing delight on this list, I would not wish to
> inhibit high-tech talk. It is of interest to me, and, I suspect, many others-
> insofar as it relates to cohousing.
> Jim Schliestett

I strongly agree with Jim and Fred on this.  As we approach our design phase, I 
think that the info I've gathered on this list over the years will be 
whether it's the type of data cable to put in the conduits or the size of the 
kids' room in the common house.  I keep a personal archives of all the postings 
that I think will be useful someday (only a small percentage :-) and reread 
as our community begins work on a new issue and also send copies to others 
there are only one or two of us subscribed here.

Keep the tech talk coming.
           Mac Thomson                   San Juan Cohousing
           ganesh [at]                Durango, Colorado

 "Courage is grace under pressure."
                           - Ernest Hemingway

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