Re: weird people
From: Scott Cowley (
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 09:52:37 -0500
You have touched upon a classic but rarely discussed aspect of cohousing 
We have had, and continue, to be witness to extremes of need and behavior at
times.  I think that as far as public meetings go, Denise's advice of getting  
facilitation is crucial.  You  might have some group members in the audience who
can move toward such a person and tactfully squelch outbursts.  They most
often consist of loony questions and refusal to take their turn.
    On a larger scale, I have found that it is useful to frequently reiterate
to the group that the main purpose is _to put a roof over our heads_, not to be 
a T-Group (therapy).  Then put everyone to work.  Those with extreme needs
will rapidly select themselves out.  Also, the group's tolerance for emotional 
neediness will be short because creating cohousing requires steady, persistent
commitment and consistency, cooperation, and strength.
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