Re: Weird and creepy
From: Virginia C. Risk (
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 14:22:58 -0500
Rob Sandelin wrote:
> However, be careful on the criteria you use to screen weird and creepy as that
> on occaision has been used to describe me. 

Thanks for saying that.  

Isn't cohousing a movement born of a desire to improve community spirit
by making substantial changes -- changes in housing structures, changes
in daily schedules and habits, changes in the way people interact and
cooperate?  On the one hand, I can almost appreciate that people who are
working hard to make this happen would be wary of taking on more
difficulties than they can handle.  But seems very ironic that potential
members are judged for desirabilty, in terms of appearance and
character, and this despite talk about valuing diversity.

Suspicion and fear of others, who are then relegated to the status of
'outsiders,' goes hand in hand with the division of lots and spacing
single-family homes that cohousing seeks to undo, doesn't it?
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