Friends in San Francisco Collective Houses?
From: Hank Obermayer (
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 16:40:55 -0500
(Apologies to everyone for whom this seems geographically irrelevant)
We're searching for all the collective houses in San Francisco that we can
find. If you, or anyone you know, lives in a collective household of some
kind in San Francisco, please get them in touch with me (Hank), or this
organization/event. We have broad mutual support/organizing ideas and
plans. More information follows:

is a San Francisco group coming together to form a new network among
cooperative houses for mutual aid, support, and fun.

We want to:
  * Nurture healthy alternatives to isolated nuclear families
  * Pool resources and knowledge
  * Learn our history, figure out how to last, and foster more collective homes
  * Socialize and make friends

Come to our MayDay soup night!
Thursday May 1, 6:30pm, at Diesel Cathedral, 3178 - 17th St.
$1 at the door (& bring dessert if you like)

For more information about our once a month soup night, call (415) 974-4384
and leave a message. Someone will call you back within a few days.

Hank Obermayer             If you plan for one year, plant a field of rice.
hobermayer [at]     If you plan for ten years, plant a tree.
Commonnest:                If you plan for 100 years, teach the people.
   The San Francisco                            - Chinese proverb
   Collective Housing Network (415) 974-4384

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