Inbetween cohousing
From: Michael Persons (
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 22:34:51 -0500
Hi folks,

I'm a member of Commonweal cohousing in Grafton, MA.  We're in the gathering
members stage, and we're having a little trouble finding people.  I've been 
reading this list for about six months, and I've seen people discuss zoning 
problems, battles with town/city government, battles between members over 
house plans, pet policies, shared chores, and shared cost, but I don't think
I've *ever* seen someone have a problem with finding members, except us!
Have I missed something, or is this just not normally a problem?

>From reading this list I've deduced that there's three different kinds of

1.  Urban cohousing.  Finding members usually not a problem because of the
large pool to draw from.

2.  Ecologically aware cohousing.  Two different subtypes:

        a.  Cohousing in college towns or areas with high level of awareness
            of ecological/"green" issues.  Amherst/Northampton in MA and
            Raleigh-Durham NC are examples.

        b.  Rural cohousing with a strong 
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