RE: Partial message: Inbetween cohousing
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 09:20:33 -0500
Who is marketing your project and how are they doing it? marketing skills are 
key for sucessfully recruiting people. Do you have a marketing plan? Does your 
plan adequately define your market? Who is your market and how do you reach 

Marketing is not my gig, but I do know that it is a skill, there are books on 
it, and whole training courses. I also know that it DOES make a difference how 
you market. I went to a presentation of a cohousing project nearby and sat in 
the audience. Afterwards, I overheard four different people talking about 
cohousing and the project, all in negative terms. The presentation was not 
terrible, but not very good either, nobody stayed around to chat afterward and 
it was unclear what to do if you were interested other than to talk to the 
speaker, who was not terrifically approachable.

So how you do your marketing and knowing who your target audience is are 
important skills to have.

Rob Sandelin

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