Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 11:15:53 -0500

Synergy's rezoning and density request got approved today by the Palm  Beach
County Board of County Commissioners.  That means that we've been approved to
build 32 units on our property and can now move forward.  We were asked to
flip the site plan as part of the approval as well as a six foot wall along
the western property line.  We're excited and relieved that we've gotten
through the political process mostly intact.  
Now we get to do the "hard stuff" like getting more members, raising more
money, doing final design, etc.  I'm sure that we'll look back at the
political process down the road and feel that this was a "piece of cake".
Congratulations to all of us for not giving up and being persistent in our
purpose.  Let's break out a bottle of wine at Sunday's meeting to
celebrate!!!!!!!  Thanks to all of those people who attended today's hearing.
 It was stressful waiting and especially since two of the commissioners who
were in favor of our project did not show up.  It was hairy, but we still
passed 5 to 0.  Not bad!!!!

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