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From: Deborah Behrens (
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 19:46:33 -0500
> From: Bob Morrison <morrison [at]>
> I have a thought about common house design.
> If you have a bulletin board, which I assume most common houses do, there
> should be enough space in front of it so that people can stand and read the
> notices without blocking traffic. In the design phase, groups should decide
> where they want to put the bulletin board and ask the architect to design in
> plenty of standing room in front of it.   

And another point about bulletin boards - you may need a number of them -

1       Meal signup
2       various other signups - chores, etc
3       Each team/committee is going to need a section for its stuff -
                this could take several BBs
4       Hot issues that might need immediate attention
5       Personal/social notices
6       Greater community stuff - who your local/state politicians are, etc

There's all kinds of things that can be done with bulletin boards, but
you do need the room for them.  Most of ours are along the stairs to the
basement, but they're not as visible there - not too many folks use the
basement yet.  
IMO, we have sacrificed communication for a prettier (more sterile?) 

BTW - bulletin boards can be made *very* inexpensively -
cut a 4x8 sheet of build board (from lumber yard) into 4 2x4 pieces, 
(the lumber yard cut it for me right there, for free)
cover them with fabric (stapled to the back) and maybe divide into 
sections with ribbon or bias tape.  
The fabric I used was pieces of an old sheet.  
Having the fabric on it hides the thumbtack holes better.
Using bias tape for the dividers makes them adjustable.  
Some more ribbon around the edges makes it look presentable.  
A set of 4 bulletin boards can cost under $20, that way.
Then all you have to do is figure out how/where you want to hang them.

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