Established coho residents living in or visiting East Coast
From: Carrie Burmaster (
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 14:03:37 -0600 (MDT)
Hi there all you veterans!  Liberty Village is planning it's annual
Regional meeting for June 1997 and we are interested in finding folks who
are living in established cohousing communities (especially one with a
functioning Common House) who either live on or will be visiting the East
Coast in June (read:limited funds to pay for transportation) who would be
interested in presenting on some aspect of what it's like to live in a
cohousing community.  We are hoping to attract a wider audience this year
(have put in a call to invite Chuck and Katie), do alot of marketing and
use this not only as a time for coho folks to gather, but also as a
strategic marketing tool, as we are reaching the time for bulldozers to
begin and would like to increase our pool of financially committed
members (currently at 19 out of 35).  We think that if we can get some
experienced veterans to talk about the life of cohousing we will attract
many of our sizeable (sp?) mailing list to come to the event and that we
will also attract the media.

Some themes for the day that we've talked about include: Living Simply,
Relationships in Cohousing, Running Effective Meetings, Kids and
Cohousing, "Whatever happened to Our Town?", How to Build a Sense of
Community, Cohousing and Urban Sprawl. Any original ideas are also
strongly welcomed and encouraged.

 It should be a fun day. We will probably use a nearby facility
with good meeting space and bathrooms (a very important draw!) for the
daytime meeting, and then go back to our site for a barbecue and Barn
Dance.  Our site is a beautiful 27 acre piece of farmland in the rolling
hills of Frederick County, Maryland with a 250 yr. old manor house, and
next to a 105 acre Community Park.  We'll find housing and feed and help
in whatever way we can (limited) with transportation arrangements for
anybody who wants to do a presentation.

So, if any of you veterans have any interest in joining us, please e-mail
me ASAP.  We are tentatively looking at June 7th, but if a sizeable group
can make another weekend, we may be able to change the date.
Thanks in advance!

Carrie Burmaster
Liberty Village
(where we hope to see some real exciting action this summer!)

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