Setting Up Books for Cohousing Community
From: Tony Peluso & Ella Heyder (
Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 22:07:58 -0500
We?re starting to set up a cohousing site here in Ottawa, Ontario by
buying up existing properties on a neighbourhood block.  I am setting up
the books and was wondering if anybody has any advice. I have one set
for income and expenditures, another for members? dues.  Of course,
there?s some detail within each one, and the way the books are
structured will depend to some extent on the legal structure of the
community.  But I wouldn?t mind hearing from others, seeing how they did
it and finding out which things they had to keep track of in their
financial transactions.

I?ve done a bit of searching in the archives but haven?t found
anything.  References to previous discussions or off-list correspondence
are welcome.


Tony Peluso

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