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Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 22:24:48 -0500
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Much of the work I've done over the past 7 or so years has focused on
designing and facilitating group processes.  I enjoy looking at models for
visioning or strategic planning or cohousing or economic development, but the
problem is that no two groups are ever the same. Organizational cultures are
strikingly different.  And then there's developmental stage: groups go
through the same process of maturation that individuals follow.  And
personalities!  If all these factors and many more are not taken into account
in custom-designing group processes, well, it's just like trying to fit every
member in your cohousing group into the exact same, one-size-fits-all
swimsuit. Picture that for a minute.

Thank you for your message. I found it provoking and timely.

We at Old Oakland are in the midst of designing the common house and our
condominium units, and sometimes in our discussion someone would say
something like "that's not the cohousing way" and therefore the idea is not
pursued or "the cohousing way" becomes the default even though it was based
on rural or suburban developments. Newbies to cohousing, to group process, to
architectural designing go through a learning curve before reaching a zone
where they can begin to critique what's before them. Based on your comments,
I think I will have a fresh perspective when examining the drawings.


Old Oakland CoHousing at Swan's Market, Oakland, CA

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