Help needed
From: Denise Meier and/or Michael Jacob (
Date: Sun, 4 May 1997 11:59:10 -0500
Dear All,

We are submitting our construction loan application within the next couple
of weeks. Our project manager has produced a well-written proforma
describing cohousing, providing evidence of it as a national trend, and
followed by the specifics of our project. (Copies available upon request). 

We'd like to include a list of built projects and all groups in the
development process.  I've got the last list that James posted, but could
someone from each group please send me a quick email with an update of
your status? I'll compile and repost here. I know that there are a large
number of us just beginning or about to begin construction.

It would be really great, if you've already gotten construction financing,
OR are already built, if you could include some details on your financing
process so that our bankers will see that they are not exactly going where
no bank has gone before...

For example

Bank name, City 
Loan Officer's name
Appraisers name and phone number

I know this is a lot of detail to dig up, especially if it was several
years ago, but I think that a list of 20 or so projects that have obtained
financing would look mighty good included in a loan application. Obviously
I'll make this information available to all. 

Thanks very much for all your help.

Denise Meier
Two Acre Wood
Sebastopol, California

Where we are now FULLY SOLD OUT! And working on a healthy waiting list!
And had a lovely groundbreaking ceremony and party yesterday.

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