Waiting List Policy
From: Joani Blank (jeblankhooked.net)
Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 01:11:06 -0500
Would some members of groups that are fully subscribed  please give us some
particulars about your waiting list policy? How much do households pay
(when they go on the waiting list and/or ongoingly? )Is their money more or
less refundable than that of the full members not on the waiting list, or
the same?  What is expected of them in the way of meeting attendance, other
responsibilities, if anything? Are there both internal and external waiting
lists, with certain full members "putting in" for a different  unit than
the one they have selected if a unit of that size or type becomes availabe
because someone drops out? If so, do they get priority over a person on the
"outside" waiting list?  

Joani Blank
Doyle St CoHousing since 1992, Old Oakland CoHousing starting end of 1998,
(Both in Northern California)


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