Common House Construction Schedule
From: Judith Linton (
Date: Fri, 9 May 1997 05:50:42 -0500
Because of some financial realities we have recently had to face, our common
house is now scheduled to be built after our units.  This means that, when
we move in, there won't be a common house for awhile.  We would like to hear
from other groups who have faced this situation.  We wonder what effect this
may have on our community.  What about children, who won't have a place
indoors to "spill over" into during winter months?  What about the lack
of a place to share meals in?  What about having to continue to rent meeting
space?  We're concerned about how to deal with these issues and others
tied into the common house.

Judy Linton
Ann Arbor Cohousing (soon to have another name)
jlinto01 [at]
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