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        I don't know what is being considered here.  The idea I am
suggesting is that three or four healthy people can conceivably derive
almost all of their necessities from one to five acres of land.  Without
acreage they will have to depend on selling their talents somewhere.
Acreage could also give people the opportunity to learn salable talents
while working the land.  Other wise they will have to spend good cash and
in some cases go into debt trying to get education.  At the same time
increasing population is making the competition in education and
employment more and more stiff.  

        I'm not suggesting agricultural self-sufficiency as the only
remedy to concentrate on.  Fitting families in apartments is
necessitating public transit and trucking as well.  The railroad for which
many indians, orientals and so forth suffered and died for.  Is shipping
salad greens all the way from California to New York.  Those with at least
and acre of land would be able to grow salad greens with just a little
practice.  Suppose an earthquake or some natural disaster puts the
railroad and even the interstates out of commission.  How will people in
these heavily populated areas get their salad greens?  When people do not
eat right they lose their minds.  

        The public transit is also horribly neglectful of the need for
nonpolluting vehicles.  Are the streets safe for pedestrians and cyclists
in these heavily populated areas?  An apartment complex can be a trap in
more ways than one.  Also people should not be overly dependent on one
kind of work as the all in all.  There is gross neglect of basic living
concerns.  There are many who can afford some acreage for agricultural
development and even make it easier for others to own acreage.  

        Those who are already trapped in an apartment complex should
influence the management to arrange community gardens.  People need fresh
produce wherever they live. 


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> 1-5 acres per family for everyone is unsustainable.  According to John
> Jeavons ("How to grow more vegetables..."), by the year 2000 there will only
> be 1/4 acre of arable land per person available worldwide.
> Now, if you're talking family size between 5 and 20...:)
> Loren
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