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From: MicalCedar (MicalCedaraol.com)
Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 21:42:27 -0500
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Date: 97-05-09 14:13:44 EDT

Michael, please forward this to the mailing list folks. 

I have a question for people who are living in smaller (fewer than 20
units) coho communities. Olympia Cohousing (WA state) desires to build a
community of about 20 units. However, Olympia is a relatively small
town, and we are realizing that it may be difficult to recruit 20+
members. Also, we are having trouble locating property suitable for
building that many units. 

What would be the impact of scaling down our vision, say to 15 units? Do
you folks who live in smaller communities feel overwhelmed by the amount
of work? Do you wish you had more members? Or does the size feel right?
Were the development costs higher (or lower?) because of your size? 

Any comments or advice would be welcome.  -- Julie Armbruster, Olympia

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