Ratio of Kids to Adults in CoHo
From: Lori A Llewelyn (lorillewelynjuno.com)
Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 21:56:32 -0500
I'm interested in this conversation about the pros and cons of larger vs.
smaller number of households in the community - also in the issue of the
ratio of kids to adults.  At Muir Commons, we actually have 22 kids and
45 adults (a rather lower ratio than Joani reported).  We have 13
households with kids (kids under 18) and 13 households without kids. 
This feels pretty good to me, but I also feel like I'd be happy within a
pretty large range (i.e., more kids or less kids).  (I have kids.)  

What is the ratio of kids to adults at other communities?  And are you
happy with your ratio?

Lori Llewelyn
Muir Commons

>Interesting, isn't it that the very dynamics Ann expects that she'd 
>like in
>a smailler community, I expect to find work better for me in a larger 
>Different strokes, right?  
>I wonder if the proportion of kids to adults has any bearing on these
>issues. (In Old Oakland we will probably have over 30 adults and only 
>children. That sets up quite a different dynamic than a community that 
>say 40+ adults and 30+kids (like Muir Commons and Southside Park), or 
>that also has about 30 kids, but has close to 100 adults (like 
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