Fw: cohousing in Australia
From: Roger Brewster (brewstertechnet2000.com.au)
Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 07:04:37 -0500
> Mona Loofs  at mloofs [at] postoffice.utas.edu.au wrote about cohousing in
> Australia on 5 May 1997
I've also been "lurking on the list" for some time and interested in any
other groups forming in Austalia.  My name is Roger Brewster, an
planning consultant at the Gold Coast just south of Brisbane, Queensland
operating a practice Landplan Australia Pty Ltd. Phone (07) 55 279790 FAX
07 55279 866
At present I am part of an organising committee for "Living City"
conference and expo on ecologically sustainable development at the Gold
Coast Arts Centre 8-11
August.  We will be promoting eco-villages and intentional communities as
part of
this event - with a view to starting a cohousing group in Gold Coast.  One
of the speakers is Graham Meltzer a lecturer from Queensland University of
Technology (QUT) who is doing a PhD on cohousing and has spent some time in
Davis and other US cohousing sites.  A web site is being set up to promote
the event on http://www.hahaha.com.au/gecko.
I have enjoyed the informative discussions on community formation and would
like to keep in touch with other cohousers in Australia.  

Roger Brewster
e-mail address: brewster [at] technet2000.com.au 

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