AA Coho Breaks Ground!
From: Michael McIntyre (aragonumich.edu)
Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 12:11:21 -0500
Greetings All!

On Thursday, May 22, 1997, Ann Arbor Cohousing officially broke ground on
the construction of our community site.  With a rainbow of kites flying
overhead in the bright sun, we gathered on the land to mark this latest
step in a long and visionary journey.  Community members were joined by
friends, family, political dignitaries, representatives from local co-ops,
and the professionals involved with the project. Smiles were abundant.
        Kind words and excitement were expressed by many speakers and a
State of Michigan proclamation from Senator Alma Wheeler Smith commending
our efforts was presented.  Everyone had a chance to take their turn with
the ceremonial shovels and spades to turn a bit of earth.  In the
background the heavy earth moving equipment was grumbling about, moving
much larger pieces of earth.  Apparently the site construction team had
been so excited by this project that they started their work a day or two
ahead of our ceremony! 
        Sparkling beverages and cookies followed with much joyous
socializing.  We then retired to a lovely dinner down the lane organized
by the community.  After a (relatively) brief business meeting, some of us
returned to the land for some singing around a bonfire and were treated to
the Full moon rising over the forest.

Michael McIntyre                Ann Arbor Cohousing Community
313-998-7140                    www.ic.org/aacoho/
                                aacoho-info [at] umich.edu

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