Bussing, hiking, parks, etc.
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Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 14:07:04 -0500

        Regarding the recent remarks.  

        Bussing is better than carpooling, Bicycling is better than
bussing, and Hiking is better than bicycling.

        I've seen natural gas busses in Dallas, TX.  I know it even
happens sometimes.  Good air is good for everyone's health.  Should anyone
be denied good clean air?  

        Even bicycles require maintainance.  Travelling by bike in the
city definitely has its hazards.  Hiking is better for our health and the
environment, but we are at risk there also.  

        In conclusion, we see a way to cut down on the need to commute
here and there.  This requires so much endeavor that we have to turn to
mechanized means to do so.  And in the mean time passion and ignorance has
us neglectful of the environment, our neighbor, and even our own health.  

        Regarding parks etc.

        Whether we are living in urban, suburban, rural or wilderness
environments - we all have the same reponsibility to ourselves, our
neighbors, and the environment of the world.  It doesn't matter what kind
of work we do.   

        We are advocating dynamic gardening methods if happen to get a
chance to look at our website.  This might mean raised beds and vertical
gardening.  We've gone beyond double-digging and we are advocating
vermiculture.  We advocate recycling.  

        We're not advocating the destruction of parks big or small.  I've
seen all kind of property up for auction because the owners don't want to
pay the taxes.  Raised beds and vertical gardening can be utilized in
rural areas also.  

        In some places the is risk from natural disturbances.  Dynbamic
methods could make these areas more livable.  For instance, in tornadoe
prone areas underground dwellings might serve to protect one from a direct
hit.  Wherever we try to live, even the deserts, the swamps, or the
mountains; we must live responsibly.

        Thank you, 


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