Baltimore-Washington Regional Coho Conf
From: Carrie Burmaster (
Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 15:17:47 -0500
Hello, everyone!  I wanted to give you all an update of how the Regional
Conference on June 7th has shaped up.  You're all invited to attend.  Come
on down!  If you want to come, please register *immediately* because
spaces really are limited (not a marketing ploy!).  You can e-mail me for
more information, or send a check with your name, address and phone number
to Jim Lane, P.O. Box 453, Libertytown, MD   21762.  We have some great
speakers lined up, and the topic for the day will be:  Cohousing--Living
the Good Life in a Modern Village.  We are very excited to have with us
the following folks:  Rob Sandelin, author of the Cohousing Resource
Guide, Chris Hanson, author of Cohousing:  Building a Place for Community,
Pam Silva from Southside Park, and Randa Nachbar from Pioneer Valley.
I've listed the program for the day below.  If you'd like to talk to me in
person, you can reach me at 410-328-8404 (day) or 410-377-4914 (eve).
Hope you all can join us!

9:30            Opening Address                         Chris Hanson

10:25-11:10     1st Breakout session
                        Cohousing 101:  Nuts and Bolts  Chris & Pam
                           and Where Does all the Money   Silva

                        Living Simply                   Jay Perry

                        Building Community:  The Front  Rob Sandelin
                             Porch Effect

                        Kids in Cohousing               Randa Nachbar

11:15-12:00     Second Breakout Session
                        How Much Do I Really Want       Rob
                             To Share?  Balancing
                             Privacy and Community

                        How Does All the Work Get Done?         Randa
                             Forming Work Teams in
                             Cohousing Communities

                        Southside Park:  An Urban Infill and    Pam
                                Mixed Income Cohousing

12:00           Lunch

12:15-12:45     Concurrent slide shows                  Area Coho Groups

                Press Conference

1:00-1:55       Panel:  The Role of the Common House    All Presenters
                        and Site Design in Cohousing

2:00-2:45       3rd Breakout Session            

                        Resolving Conflicts in Community        Rob

                        Relationships in Cohousing:  Issues     Pam &
                             for Singles, Families, and          Randa

                        Main Street Cohousing:  A Smart Growth  Chris

2:50-3:45       Grand Finale Wrap-up                            Rob

4:00-5:30       Site Tours of area cohousing groups

5:30-10:00      Picnic and Barn Dance for all at Liberty Village

Carrie Burmaster
Liberty Village Cohousing Community

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