Hello from my Cohousing Group
From: Nik Gervae (ngervaesirius.com)
Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 01:39:26 -0500
Hello all. I recently joined the list as the "official" cohousing-l  
liason for BayLeaf Cohousing, a group working on vegan-friendly cohousing  
in the San Francisco/Berkeley area. As my first official task--and I hope  
this isn't grossly inappropriate!--I'm posting a notice from our  
organizer, Billy Ray Boyd (below).

--Nik Gervae
  BayLeaf Cohousing, San Francisco/Berkeley, California
  ngervae [at] sirius.com


Dear cohousers,

We would appreciate your getting this to any vegans in your group:

Vegan Cohousers

The vegan members of Bay Leaf Cohousing planning group would like to
connect with vegans in cohousing communities and planning groups for:

   * Mutual visits
   * Vacation home exchanges (maintaining vegan kitchens)
   * Learning about common issues of vegans in cohousing

Bay Leaf is a planning group working toward a cohousing community in San  
Francisco and/or the East Bay (Berkeley/Oakland) near BART (rail transit).  
Meeting since November 1995, we're now going into site-search. Bay Leaf  
members are *not* all vegan, but our common meals will be vegan and  
organic, as our "highest common denominator."

We hope to hear from you soon!

The vegans in Bay Leaf CoHousing planning group
c/o Billy
bboyd [at] ccsf.cc.ca.us

P.S. - We'd appreciate a note from whoever reads this that your group got  
it and are passing it along, so we'll know not to phone you with this  
message. Thanks.

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