OK, how 'bout some war stories...
From: John Major (themajorsmail.sisna.com)
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 12:27:06 -0500
Time to share around the campfire, folks - my group is in the agonizing
limbo of waiting for the financing to come through - a month late, the
summer leaking away, the sluggish movement of banks, the uncertainty of
the construction and appraisal process, the load of work on the Heavy
Lifters, the difficulty of trusting those members - a real
fear-and-loathing scenario. What was it like for you? C'mon, I know it
wasn't all champagne bottles popping! Tell us some stories to buck us

Thanks -
John Major
Wasatch Cohousing - where, guess what, we are trying to work out our
financing. Our advisor pointed out - "understand that this is the ONLY
obstacle in the development process - anyone can pay an architect,
struggle through zoning, and so forth, but borrowing money to build
things, now THAT'S a hurdle to get over!"

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