Re: Meeting Times
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 1997 09:13:56 -0500
In a message dated 06.06.97 7:21:03 PM, you wrote:

We also do a LOT of discussion and other work over email, which frustrates
some people - it's basically more meeting time. But it does do some things
VERY efficiently.

Can you elaborate on this point? 

Some people are more email-oriented than verbal, and the meeting time doesn't
allow for these people to process in "real time." Other folks are not
email-oriented and only want announcements, especially if it's a work
eddress. But the time between meetings is a little too long and allows for
unresolved feelings to fester. I can see it in people's body language. But
perhaps email discussions, no matter the good intentions, perhaps just flame
the controversy rather than enlighten. Everyone interprets email postings
differently. I feel quite inhibited at the meetings due to the limited time
and the number of people. The verbally-oriented tend to have their say  no
matter how short the meetings, but they also seem frustrated. There is so
much to talk about, but no time to talk about them. I know it will be
different once we all move in, and we certainly won't be using email to
communicate, but it seems pretty slim communication now unless you're on the
phone every night with each household.


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