Cadging and invitation
From: Richard Morley (
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 1997 11:51:16 -0500
I have been a buttress of co-housing from the fringe of the cohousing-l.

I have posted once or twice a couple of years ago, first in search of any 
co-housing constituency in England on this list, then on my own view that LETS 
schemes might be a way for co-housing groups to organise their own work rotas 
well as involve neibours and prospective members in the life and work of the 
community.  Alas, this last posting spawned a discussion about tax evasion, 
both perceived and intended.  All this ought to be in the archives still!

Nonetheless, since my days in student co-ops in Toronto, I have felt that 
co-housing offers an alternative to isolated subdivision living and I have 
followed discussions on cohousing-l with great pleasure.

Now, last Friday, my client told me I was to go to Seattle this coming Tuesday 
to Thursday, and I couldn't help wondering whether, even at this short notice, 
it might be possible to visit a co-housing community and have a natter for an 
hour or so.  I realise that this is hopelessly short notice, but it just seemed 
a shame not to ask.  

If it's not going to be possible, I shan't be offended! Otherwise, could anyone 
about Seattle who'll take up the gauntlet drop me a line on 
'richard [at]' before 06hr00 UTC Tuesday.

Best regards to all.

Richard Morley                          Tel. +44-181-688-5941
109 Cedar Road                          FAX. +44-181-688-5941
Croydon, Surrey England

richard [at]

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