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Date: Mon, 9 Jun 1997 10:45:02 -0500
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> I think it is
>  hurting the consensus process in that everyone feels the pressure of time
>  issues are not being discussed thoroughly, and agenda items keep getting
>  deferred to "the next meeting," but then they are not on the agenda and
>  therefore lost. Obviously we are not paying attention to our growing
>  Advice? Comments? Stories?

As has been pointed out, there are some critical periods (some of which occur
cyclically) where meetings run longer for key decision-making discussions.
 For on-going matters, may I suggest breaking out some committees to deal
with routine decisions or brainstorming alternatives?  Carry out the
discussion in-committee, and bring a summary of the discussion and
recomendations to a full meeting.  Keep all committee meetings open to
everyone, so that no one feels excluded from a discussion they are interested
in.  Even if some end up with more meeting hours, it will be because they
voluntarily attended "extra" discussions about things they were vitally
interested in, and more agenda items will see thorough airing.  Make the
committees standing or ad hoc, as suits your interpersonal style.  

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