Re: meetings after move-in
From: Jennifer Lynn Mccoy (poljlmpanther.Gsu.EDU)
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 12:43:50 -0500
Marty Roberts wrote:

  > > Some of our members are dismayed to hear that most groups continue
to meet > twice a month after move-in.  (I'm not surprised myself)  Many
had thought > that once we're in, life returns to normal and meetings
won't be necessary > (very many anyway).  We'd love to hear from those of
you who are in, what the > topics for these meetings are;  what kinds of
issues come up that require > meetings, etc.  Do all members attend as a
rule?  >

In the two and a half months since move in, our biweekly business meetings
have addressed:  safety issues, punch-list, finishing site work
(landscaping and common house furnishings), restructuring dues, emerging
lifestyle issues (clutter, kids, equitable workload, scheduling laundry),
and beginning to organize dinners.  We haven't even gotten to the point of
restructuring our committees and decision-structures, and electing new
officers (to replace our worn-out ones). 

As I described in an earlier posting, our Community Life committee and the
group worked out our "houserules"  DURING the construction period, which
was invaluable, on:  Pets, Kids, Community Dinners (organization and
diets), Parking, Noise, etc.  We have yet to complete other issues, like
Associate memberships. 

Jennifer McCoy
Lake Claire Cohousing

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