From: Eves (
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 18:44:11 -0500
Dear Folks,

We are a group of 12 households,finally, after 5/6/7 years time, building!!
Expect to be living on-site y thanksgiving.
Called Cantines Island, we are located in Ulster County, N.Y. Woodstock

I'd very much appreciate hearing how other communities currently  handle two
!.  'Near Neighbors.  Folks who don't live on-site, but want to participate
in community, sometimes.  How have you worked out the responsbility to
priveledge details???   Do you have some kind of financial arrangements with
somewhat-participating folks???  We have folks like this.....hoping to get
input on what to do, rather than re-invent an existing wheel.  We, frankly,
could use help w Common house costs, and wonder about tapping this
resource....but don't want to over-extend ourselves or 'near neighbors.

2.  Waiting lists....anyone have wisdom to pass along on this?
Look forward to hearing,
delighted to be on list,
All Best,
Ruth Hirsch (914) 255-8601/ Eves @AOL
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