Nonresident members and waiting list
From: MartyR707 (
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 10:52:32 -0500
We at Two Acre Wood are struggling with the same issues as we will move in
this coming winter (I guess...).  So, I second the request to hear what
others are doing on these two fronts.  We have gone through many ideas and
proposals but having trouble getting agreement - largely because it's hard to
know how it will be after move in.  At the same time, we have many interested
folks who have been very involved with us but didn't get a unit, that would
like to know what sort of future involvement they should expect (should they
buy a house in the neighborhood?, etc)

and on the waiting list: do you accept people as full members of the
community?  Do they make a financial comtribution?  expected to participate?
 If not, how do you judge their commitment and readiness to step in if the
need arises suddenly?

Marty Roberts, Two Acre Wood, Sebastopol
**The bulldozers came and they conquered - old buildings and trees are now
gone - except the trees we saved - which are many.  Still no loan or building
permit tho - we'll keep you posted.**

In a message dated 6/20/97 2:26:51 AM, Ruth wrote:

>I'd very much appreciate hearing how other communities currently  handle two
>!.  'Near Neighbors.  Folks who don't live on-site, but want to participate
>in community, sometimes.  How have you worked out the responsbility to
>priveledge details???   Do you have some kind of financial arrangements with
>somewhat-participating folks???  We have folks like this.....hoping to get
>input on what to do, rather than re-invent an existing wheel.  We, frankly,
>could use help w Common house costs, and wonder about tapping this
>resource....but don't want to over-extend ourselves or 'near neighbors.
>2.  Waiting lists....anyone have wisdom to pass along on this?
>Look forward to hearing,
>delighted to be on list,
>All Best,
>Ruth Hirsch (914) 255-8601/ Eves @AOL

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