From: Russell Mawby (russ.mawbycity.saskatoon.sk.ca)
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 12:36:36 -0500
Can anyone on cohousing-l assist this request?

>We are seeking models of "green" building practices and designs to include
>in a sourcebook of 'best practices' for creating economically and
>evironmentally sustainble communities. We are seeking models that are
>institutional (beyond the pilot phase), or in other words, grounded and "in
>for the long haul".
>We are particulary interested in models that are anchored in a community
>(i.e. have a commitment to values other than the bottom line), foster
>community stability, and exhibit an alternative economic structure (i.e. NOT
>a traditonal corporation or privately owned business. Rather worker,
>community, or municipal ownership, cooperatives, community based
>non-profits, etc.)
>We are also interested in alternative models in the other following Sectors:
>Green Business Practices; Alt. Water Treatment, Conservation & Efficiency;
>Alt. Energy, Conservation & Efficiency; Transportation; Agriculture;
>Park/Greenspace and Land-use; City-Wide Eco-planning and Development; and
>Waste Reduction/Prevention.
>I would appreciate any leads that you can recommend.
>Matt Berres
><mberres [at] igc.apc.org>
>National Center for
>Economic and Security Alternatives
>2000 P. St. NW
>Washington, DC 20036
>fax: 835-1152

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