Re: Community run business
From: MelaSilva (
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 1997 10:43:30 -0500
Yes, I do. I offer massage/reflexology out of my home.
The majority of my clients are Southsiders and their friends, with many a
visiting grandma coming to see me for a massage.
I don't advertise, so no actual strangers show up,and I only see 2-3 people a
day, so no problem with that part.
We are getting ready to label our parking spots A, B, C, so that I can tell a
client, "Just park in my spot, spot C". Right now they have to park on the
street and then walk in to find me.
For me it is a life saver to know I am safe and secure in my own home, safe
enough to be able to let clients come to see me in my home.
We also have a Mary Kay saleswoman, who has a steady stream of clients, with
no problems at all. She is located at the corner, so parking is available on
the street.
She can often be seen doing tours for clients who haven't seen us before.
Other home based businesses here do not bring people here except
occasionally:an antique dealer, lawyer, bookkeeper. 

Pam Silva, Southside, Sacramento
Where one of our founding families is pulling out for the East Coast today.
We had a wonderful goodbye party, and sat in a circle retelling stories about
 It was a very nice way to say goodbye.

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