Re: Non-Cohousing Community
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 03:42:18 -0500
Dear Carol and Others participating in this thread,

Thanks for your good thoughts about "building community anywhere." They
will certainly come in handy for me if (goddess forbid) I ever have to live
outside cohousing  again. Still, nothing you have said (nor a lot of other
stuff I have heard over the years ) holds a candle to the sense of
community experienced by those of us privileged to actually live in
cohousing. Now, I am very sensitive to the fact that many list readers
would not be able to afford cohousing at the present time, even if there
were to be several opportunities available right were you need or want to
live. That is why I deliberately used the word "privileged" in the previous
sentence. I truly believe, however, that this is housing and livestyle is
going to catch on big in the next 5, 10 15 years, and I earnestly hope
cohousing will be much more available in the future to those with more
limited incomes, and those without the luxury of the time and energy it
takes to get it built.   

And for those of you in various stages of development, hang in there. As a
person who lives in one cohousing community and is simultaneously involved
in the development of another, I can vouch for the truth of a saying of
Professor Katie McCamant, "Getting cohousing built can be very, very
difficult, but living in cohousing is very, very easy."

Joani Blank
jeblank [at]
Resident of Doyle St. Cohousing and future resident of Old Oakland
Cohousing. The Old Oakland Group (soon to be the most urban Cohousing in
the US), still has four places in our group of 21 households. We sure would
like to have a couple more single or pair-bonded 
parents with a small child or two in our group. Is that you?

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