Re: Links with cohousing website - ERROR correction
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 09:46:13 -0500
ERROR CORRECTION .......................

Leni refers to ""  which is WRONG

The correct URL is  or abbreviated    The WWW. part IS REQUIRED. gets (if anything)  the home page of our access
provider (  This is an artifact of the way the
is implemented.  Our pages are not at mtn. 

Also please do not use urls that refer to the home page at
(where they are actually located) since could move some day and still be
found at  (this is not expected soon but we want to
plan for the possibility).

There are some links TO, notably from: (ic = intentional community) cohousing-L archive 
sites (which get many hits from searches for cohousing etc) 
numerous individual cohousing community home pages .   

There are others (such as from those that we link to in "Related
Information" under "Resources").  We welcome more links to us. 
Suggestions welcome.  

A volunteer to pursue more links would be doing the cohousing movement a
big service.  This would involve finding sites that should logically have
links to us, figuring out from whom at that site to request a link and
following up by email.  Usually this would involve offering a link from us
and would need coordination with Stewart - our webmaster.

Please make inquiries (or report bad links) to Stewart Staniford-Chen
stanifor [at]  (or me).

BTW on the topic of spreading the word on the net. is offering
email aliases (such as Joani Blank's).  Would there be interest in aliases like Stewart's?  Last I knew mtn was not staffed to
handle setting these up but they might be willing some time.  I personally
think that "" tho long, conveys so much more meaning that it
is desireable. 

Fred Olson  (alt address: fholson [at]

On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, Leni Reed wrote:

> I'm wondering if any websites have links to the cohousing website
> (  If so, our community, and probably many others, would be
> interested to find out which sites link up with the cohousing website.  If
> someone can provide the names of such sites and their addresses that would
> be very useful.  Thanks in advance. 
> Leni Nazare
> EcoVillage of Loudoun County, Virginia
> Where we've recently had a charette to the design the homes we will live in...

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