Re: Links with cohousing website - ERROR correction
From: Stuart Staniford-Chen (
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 13:51:48 -0500
Fred wrote:
> ERROR CORRECTION .......................
> Leni refers to ""  which is WRONG
> The correct URL is  or abbreviated
>    The WWW. part IS REQUIRED.
> gets (if anything)  the home page of our access
> provider ( This is an artifact of the way the
> is implemented. Our pages are not at mtn.

It's true that ""; will not work.  However, some  
browsers, if you just type "", will assume you meant  
""; and so that will work.

On the original question about what sites have links to the cohousing  
network web pages: I believe most of the major search engines find it  
pretty easily, and to the best of my knowledge, all individual cohousing  
community web pages trade links with us.  Other pages I don't readily  
know about.  People contact me to trade links, but I have not ever gone  
and aggressively sought out links.  If someone else wants to - great!

What I do have is the referer log for the web server.  This contains the  
URL of the page from which someone linked to us for every access ever  
made to the server.  However, the information is not in a convenient  
form, and it contains a lot of information which is perhaps somewhat  
private.  If I knew there was a lot of demand for this kind of  
information, I could find a few hours to write some scripts and analyze  
it.  (Or if anyone is aware of a good free tool for doing this on Unix  
machines, let me know).


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