Coho Community - when no Coho "Community"?
From: Thomas Alexander (
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 06:32:13 -0500
George Marx said:
>>I wonder though why: Coho Principles - aren't adopted by more of us; =

sharing Community - as best we can in a variety of ways - and not getting=

in the Way of those trying to form and build "Real" Cohousing

        Not quite a year ago, my wife and I got interested in cohousing a=
got involved with a group in our area.  Only a few months ago, we dropped=

out and bought a house directly across the street from my wife's
grandparents.   We felt this move met many of our reasons for being
interested in cohousing and was much more expedient.  (A few people on
cohousing-L disagreed.)
        So far, we've been delighted by the move and feel much more "in
community" than where we lived before.  Grandma has introduced us to the
family two doors up from us - whose son mows our lawn - and there's a
community group here which organizes garage sales and the like.
        Still, some of the simple things you mention have yet to occour. =

Common meals seemed obvious to me.  (We're one couple.  Grandma and Grand=
are one couple.  The family up the street is a single father with two boy=
  It seems a waste to spend time cooking such a small meal.)
        I think my answer to your question as to WHY it doesn't happen mo=
is that it takes someone suggesting it and someone organizing it, for
firsts.  Secondly, it's not natural.  That is, it's not presently part of=

one's routine.  Often it's easier to stay in a routine even if you know
there is a better way becaues it takes effort to change.


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