Re: COHOUSING-L digest 210
From: Eves (
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 08:26:27 -0500
Dear All,
Many thanks for the on-going letters re: Co-Ho.  We, of Cantines island
co-housing, Saugerties N.Y. are very close to move-in, after 6-7 years work
on the project.  We have 6 houses near completion, however all 12 households
will be moving in [!!] at about the same time, most likely in October, after
infra-structure is complete.    
Judy, I know your predicament re: USA Today!!  We've had a reasonable amount
of press,and it's not unusual for someone to mention seeing an article before
we know the date of publication.  The writers are way to busy to ask them to
call and let us know!   A couple of meetings ago, we had one person from the
City paper, the NY Times, and one from a semi-local paper.... people have
mentioned the Times Herald Record article, the local one,  it came out a week
ago, but I've yet to see it!!!!  

rob, thanks for your comments on the he spirit rather than the form of
co-housing.  I feel passionately the same way, and so appreciate your
articulation of it.   Relative to where we live, we are on a tiny site, w
houses very very close together.   construction folks walk around periodicly
shaking their heads in wonder!!  And we could perhaps have fund a more
perfect piece of land..... however, the important piece is that we are going
soon to be in residence...... that we are living  in an actual community,
that may be only 80% perfect.... rather than waiting for a piece of land that
is 100% perfect..... and perhaps never moving in.  We are having to do new
costruction to be on this site..... I may be one of the few in this newer is
better country of ours, to have never wanted a new house!!  Never even had
the hankering to design a home!   and am in fact leaving a home I dearly
love, a renovated gristmill, surrounded by the sounds of a stream.  
The development process has been part of our process.  It has canibalized a
lot of our time recently, tho we were pretty connected as a group by then.
 We are a group of folks accreted over time.... some of us in for the entire
long haul, some joining a couple years ago, and some quite recently, in the
last year.  we seem to have done well at integrating new folks.  

versions of community...... and surely we've each felt connected at various
times with some one or some grop that was geographically disparate.  
To  know someone here or  there with whom you can feel there is understanding
in spite of distances or thoughts unexpressed........can make of this Earth a


Enough rambling!  Best to all,
Ruth @ Eves @ AOL
Rob, I sent you a reply to yur E-mail address, but not sure if it's the
correct address....... please accept my thanks if it did not arrive,




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