Re: How Many Dogs?
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 00:40:35 -0500
Doyle Street here, reporting on dog population:

Households: 12
Dogs: 1 (although for a time we had 2)

Yes, Dakota is actually owned by one household, virtually owned by two, and
appreciated by most, actually variously appreciated in proportion to how
allergic one is, and how much her shedding impacts one. Even those who
aren't crazy about her are very glad that she barks at strangers (and only
occasionally at one of us), and she is gentle as a lamb to small children
and familiar adults as well as strangers. A perfect watchdog; barks
appropriately but bites no one. 

You didn't ask about cats, but with a pet policy that allows one dog or two
cats per households, we collectively have one dog and (I think) three cats

In Old Oakland we will have 21 households and will probably have only 2 or
3 dogs at most, since we will be right in the middle of the big city. 

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Doyle St. and Old Oakland, Emeryville and Oakland, CA respectively. 
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