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From: MartyR707 (
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 20:20:33 -0500
In a message dated 7/15/97 10:22:08 AM, Zev Paiss wrote:

>I could imagine the two organizations merging and literally combining
>resources to form this new entity.  
>The RMCA would contribute:
>Its Board, Membership, 501c3 status, resource materials and expertise, 
>The CoHousing Network would contribute:
>Its database, publishing venture, subscription and renewal systems, and
>The new national board could be composed of existing RMCA Board members,
>Network Regional Editors and advisory board, and several additional active
>Burning Souls around the country.  I imagine a large board of 15-25 people
>who are required to meet once each year.
>To deal with more ongoing issues, an executive board of 5-9 would meet
>quarterly or monthly to handle more of the ongoing issues of policy and
>operation. This could be all of or part of the existing RMCA Board.

This idea makes a lot of sense to me.  Our northeren california
conference/camping/etc. group is discussing forming a regional group here in
California.  I wonder if groups like this could be chapters of the national
organization - this simplifying and focussing communications and maybe
feeding canididates for the national board.

I especially like the idea of one central information center.  It's seems
pooling resources could make everything we all do more effective.  I am
frequesntly asked where to get info about cohousing in other areas or in
general.  It would be nice to have one central resource to refer people to.
 But I also like the idea of regional chapters, so local people can be
actively involved too.

Marty Roberts
Two Acre Wood, Sebastopol, CA
(Trying to decide if I have put all the electrical outlets and light switches
in the right places on my house plans before turning them back in!  Talk
about going from the global to the mundane!)

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