Re: USA TODAY article
From: David Mandel (
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 04:20:22 -0500
I guess I'm happy for the rah-rah publicity. Maybe it will help break
through with the developers and the bankers.

But the lack of any mention of cohousing as a useful idea for lower-income
housing development -- or any mention of the many communities that have
struggled long and hard for a way to make that a reality -- leaves a sour
taste with me. Part of me says, "That's USA today," the epitome of
mainstream journalistic superficiality that I know so well, having worked
in it for a decade and a half. And maybe those of you who spoke with the
reporter mentioned the subject, or maybe not (I'm curious to know). Can we
anyway all agree to make a point in the future of noting that we're not all
middle-class professionals who can pay 10 percent down four years in
advance? Thanks.

David Mandel, Sacramento

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