National Cohousing Organization
From: Alan Carpenter (
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 18:41:15 -0500
I want to point out that our current structure is informal, very effective
and self sustaining.  A local group promoting Cohousing can evolve to
becoming a resource in the area as a consultant group and help facilitate
the creation of more Cohousing.
A national organization and formal structure takes a lot of energy and
money. In my what works is an informal networking such as we already have
set up. The energy to help get more Cohousing happening is promoting on a
local level and working towards making Cohousing happen in our own back
yard. Also this work can be charged for since it is valuable to the world
at large.

I have structured a national Cohousing Society in Canada and it seems to
serve no function at this time. I am looking at changing it's function from
promotion to becoming a non profit developer of Cohousing. I now do
Cohousing consulting to help groups through the process and charge a fee
for that. I see that the energy to become national may be most effective to
develope Cohousing in local regions and network as we have done. This
maintains the "grass roots" part that I believe is important in the
Creation of Cohousing communities. 

As I have heard a quote " An organization is the death of a movement".
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