Re: USA TODAY article/low cost
From: Suzanne L Hirsch (
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 11:06:49 -0500
Sense of community by having individual space combined with shared
coordinated space is the most important thing about cohousing. Ownership,
design, etc. are all very important too. but for those groups who don't
have $, cohousing can still happen. Unless you can get the city to give
you a building or have some other great luck, rent!

It's taken me forever to accept this. Obviously this is a step by step
process, once the cohousing culture is formed you can construct plans to
buy, pool $, etc. But the solidarity and the culture can come first. $
should not stand in the way of that nor does it have to. Most low income
people are paying rent anyway unless they're homeless... that's another

So for those group out there like mine who lack money to get the ball
rolling, we can learn from the models out there who do have $, and we can
also get started as we put the $ issue as secondary. 

Suzanne Hirsch
Buffalo, NY

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