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Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 16:25:03 -0500
I mostly agree with David Mandel -

David Mandel of Southside wrote:
I guess I'm happy for the rah-rah publicity. Maybe it will help break
through with the developers and the bankers.

But the lack of any mention of cohousing as a useful idea for lower-income
housing development -- or any mention of the many communities that have
struggled long and hard for a way to make that a reality -- leaves a sour
taste with me. Part of me says, "That's USA today," the epitome of
mainstream journalistic superficiality that I know so well, having worked
in it for a decade and a half. And maybe those of you who spoke with the
reporter mentioned the subject, or maybe not (I'm curious to know). Can we
anyway all agree to make a point in the future of noting that we're not all
middle-class professionals who can pay 10 percent down four years in
advance? Thanks.

>From my point of view, The publicity is good - I told her of the large income
diversity in our group, and the price ranges, and the diversity of work/life
situation, ranging from doctors and physical therapists to child care worker,
secretary, caretaker-all of which was ignored.   And as many of you know,
Monterey Cohousing does not exactly fit the somewhat idealized model she
emphasized.  She didn't want to hear much from me.   I wish she had indicated
more of the ranges that the concept can cover.  On the other hand, if we can
spread the basic concept more, I won't complain.  

I also think we all have to remember how often there are significant
distortions in the stories that come out.  In my experience, that's true of
anything I see in the newspaper - if I really know about it, I often find
distortions.  We try and try to focus on x and they pick up on y.

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