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From: Deborah Behrens (
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 17:28:44 -0500
> Excerpt from David Mandel's comments:
> But the lack of any mention of cohousing as a useful idea for lower-income
> housing development -- or any mention of the many communities that have
> struggled long and hard for a way to make that a reality -- leaves a sour
> taste with me. Part of me says, "That's USA today," the epitome of
> Excerpt from Judy Baxter's comments:
> She didn't want to hear much from me.   I wish she had indicated
> more of the ranges that the concept can cover.  On the other hand, if we can
> spread the basic concept more, I won't complain.  

My 2 cents:  While cohousing is still such a new concept to the general
public, I'm happy just to get a basic mention that at least says cohousing
is not a commune, and is a great middle class housing concept.  Yes it's very
hard to PR it as low income housing.  I think it's easier, in the long 
run however, if the public emphasis is on the middle class / mainstream.  


        'cohousing is great for the mainstream (and incidentally 
        can work just as well for low income folks)' 

rather than 

        'cohousing is great for low income folks 
        (and also works great for the mainstream)'

I'm most likely wrong, but IMO the banks and other powers 
that be would react more favorably to the first approach,
at least in the beginning (and we'll be in the beginning
stages, as far as the banks are concerned for a long time).
IMO, in the long run it would be better for the low income 
groups as well as the middle class groups to focus on the
mainstream benefits, even if we really think the low income
residents would benefit even more.

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