Re: USA Today -- low-income issue
From: John Greene, Nancy Lowe (
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 19:44:58 -0500
>> Excerpt from David Mandel's comments:
>> But the lack of any mention of cohousing as a useful idea for lower-income
>> housing development -- or any mention of the many communities that have
>> struggled long and hard for a way to make that a reality -- leaves a sour
>> taste with me. Part of me says, "That's USA today," the epitome of
>> Excerpt from Judy Baxter's comments:
>> She didn't want to hear much from me.   I wish she had indicated
>> more of the ranges that the concept can cover.  On the other hand, if we can
>> spread the basic concept more, I won't complain.

        Our group here in Atlanta was featured in the article and we were
interviewed, among others.  The subject of income range did come up when
she talked to me, and I said that while most cohousers want to see it work
as a low-income alternative, it hasn't really been able to do that yet as
far as I know -- mainly because the banks, developers, zoning boards, etc.
still make it such a grueling process.  We had to work hard just to keep
some of our original members, who had seen the prices go up steadily since
they first got involved, and while our prices are very affordable for this
in-town area (90's to 120's), they certainly aren't anyone's idea of
"low-income housing".
        She didn't really say much in reply to this or ask any follow-ups.
She pushed us some about "what it takes to fit in" and I think she was
mostly interested in where most of us fall on the political spectrum,
seeing it as a liberal, "hippie" thing, etc.  She seemed a little defensive
about living in the suburbs herself.
        But in spite of all this, I thought it was a pretty decent article
-- very positive, and actually more accurate than a lot of the stuff we've
seen in the past.  And downright in-depth by their usual, McPaper

        FYI:  We got a call today (7/18) from CNN and they're sending a
camera crew to our common meal on Sunday night (7/20), working on a story
for some parenting show they have.  Gulp.  Excuse me while we start
cleaning up a bit.

JOHN GREENE (and Nancy Lowe, and Noah Greene-Lowe)
Lake Claire CoHousing
Atlanta, GA

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