Washington Times "Home Page" article on cohousing.
From: Fred H. Olson (fholsonmaroon.tc.umn.edu)
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 11:07:44 -0500
The flurry of publicity for cohousing in the media continues.

I was interviewed today by Sarah Means smeans [at] journalist.com
who got an assignment about 7/17 for a cover article to be in the
Washington Times "Home Page" publication for Friday 7/26.  It's not
clear whether Home Page is distributed with or seperately from the
newspaper. Home Page is about 80 pages in length and is sold "along
side" the Times on news stands. The Wahington Times is DC's second
(of 2) daily papers and has a circulation considerably smaller than 
the Post.  It is described as "Report oriented".

A few things I tried to emphasize:

1) We are trying to make cohousing an option for lower income people.
I refered her to David Mandel by giving her David's email address and
read his response to the USA Today artile to her and will be forwarding
it to her.

2) Some of us are trying to do cohousing in the city and in existing

3) That because cohousing is developed by the people who want to live
in it, there is considerable diversity of people, income / cost,
site design etc.

4) Cohousing is a part of a bigger movement seeking more community where
we live.


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