Committees and Structure
From: Julie Ellen Boleyn (
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 23:43:37 -0500
Our group has come to a point where we need to re-think our committees 
and how they're organized. Our membership has grown significantly in the 
last six months, and the life situations for many of our committee heads 
has changed as well. So, horror of horrors, we're thinging "Re-Org", and 
I'd like some feedback.

To give you a basic background:
- We're planning to start construction next week (yeah!), so most of our 
heavy negotiating in General Meetings should be done.
- We've already got a common house with 3.5 people living in it right 
now, which I imagine is significantly changing our dynamics.
- Again, the group has grown signficantly in the last 6 months.
- Many of the current committee heads are not in a position to provide 
much leadership because life situations have changed.
- We've been mired in getting our budget situation taken care of to the 
exclusion of building much community for the last month and a half.
- Our Construction Management team has been dealing w/non-construction 
issues up until recently because the committees which were supposed to be 
dealing with those issues weren't.

So, siting these problems another member and I sat down and thought about 
our situation. And came up with a plan. Our essential goals were to find 
a way to fascillitate the following:

1. Remove all non-construction related items from the 'Construction 
Management' team's scope and purpose.
2. Help fascillitate the process of committees forming and staying on top 
of things.
3. Make sure things get delegated to the right group and don't fall into 
the cracks. 
4. Start thinking longer term.

So, we came up with roughly nine task forces to deal with the various 
aspects that we need to deal with. (I'll be the first to admit this list 
of nine groups is not highly optimized yet). One of those committees 
would shoot for having the other eight committees as members and would 
meet once a month or so to deal with administrative issues. Here's what 
we've got so far:

1. Administration
2. Building Maintenance
3. Landscape and Grounds
4. Common Meals, Food and Kitchen
5. Public Relations/ Hosting/ Marketing
6. Youth issues
7. Move-in coordination
8. People and Process
9. Construction Management Team

Our next step is to present this to the membership and have them 
hopefully approve the re-org (which should be pretty easy to do given 
current sentiment). Then, we'd like to go through the following process 
during our next general meeting:
1. Brainstorm around the Task forces (is what's listed above appropriate)
2. Sign-up for the task forces you're interested in being a member of
3. Choose your primary membership and meet with them for 30 minutes. Go 
over the following:
    - Who's your focalizer
    - Who's your rep on the Administration crew
    - What's your purpose and scope (written)
    - When will you meet
4. Have each task force present their findings to the rest of the community.
5. Have a discussion around a making sure issues get delegated to the 
right committee, and encouraging people to bring up issues in General 
Meetings if they are unsure of where to take them. 

I'm putting this out here for a number of reasons:
1. I'd like to know what other people are doing. How do you do it?
2. Are we nuts? Does this make sense? What changes would you suggest?
3. What kinds of problems are you running into? What's helped?

Thanks, I look forward to hearing how you do it...

- Julie Boleyn
>From Trillium Hollow, where were on the precipice of signing loan docs, 
construction docs, more LLC docs, and so on. The bulldozers are coming!!! 
Four more units left! Were going to do it!
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