CNN coverage
From: John Greene, Nancy Lowe (
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 09:24:46 -0500
        Just want to let everybody know:  CNN visitied our place here in
Atlanta yesterday (Sunday, 7/20).  It was a woman named Susan Forbes for a
show called Parenting Today.  They filmed kids playing out in the
courtyard, the common meal, etc., and did some interviews.  They might come
back in a few days for more interviews, might visit other cohousings -- she
wasn't sure yet.
        At any rate, the show comes on at 1:30 (EST) on Saturday afternoons
and this segment is supposed to be shown on August 2.
        Meanwhile, Dateline NBC also called.  What's going on?  Where were
these people when we were desperately marketing two years ago?  Could we
maybe get some fortune to go along with this fame?
        Anyway, keep an eye out -- and some of you might here from CNN

JOHN GREENE (and Nancy Lowe, and Noah Greene-Lowe)
Lake Claire CoHo
Atlanta, GA

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