Re: the Media relationship
From: Scott Cowley (
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 10:17:38 -0500
A couple of cents:

1.  You don't "appear" in the media, you "disappear" in the media.  You have 15 
minutes of fame.  
Use it.
2.  Have your act ready or reporters will make it up _for_ you. (Feed them what 
you want 
them to know.  As John Greene mentions, when it comes to facts they're 
basically lazy .)

- Fred's points were excellent.
- We need to hear more from such valiant efforts as Chicago's Harambee Project, 
and the other one
there,  was well as the Portland, Ore. affordability group.
  Also, we just got a 45K offer from the state to help cover the common house 
costs of our 
affordable units (5 on a tax credit program for 50% of area median income).  
The city chipped in
another 40K on site costs.
  Let's share info with each other.  I like this thread!  Who else is talking 
about mixed income 
housing in such an effective way ?  Most gvt. agencies are reduced to begging 
capitalist developers
for some bones.  Us affordability people gotta keep up the cohousing tenet of 

- scott cowley, wasatch cohousing, slc, ut
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