Proposed national coho org. and local umbrella groups
From: Bob Morrison (
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 16:22:03 -0500
  I have a thought about the proposed national cohousing organization.
  Local umbrella groups are invaluable in enabling new cohousing groups to
form and in helping to draw people into existing groups. And not all places 
that have cohousing have umbrella groups. For example, Boston's umbrella 
group (Boston Cohousing Network) folded a few years ago. This group served a 
wide area in which there was, and is, a lot of cohousing activity.
  The role of umbrella groups is different from, but overlaps, that of 
companies that provide services to cohousing groups. The existence of these
companies doesn't eliminate the need for umbrella groups.
  So, I think part of the national organization's mission should be to pro-
vide support to help keep existing umbrella groups going and to facilitate
new umbrella groups forming. Whether these local groups should be chapters
of the national organization or standalone groups affiliated with the 
national organization is an interesting question, which I will leave to
others to discuss.

Bob Morrison
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