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From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 08:29:32 -0500
In collaboration with Stuart I have been working to create a large, organized 
system of information for cohousing groups on the web. The resources page of is proposed  to be updated, hopefully online by the National 
Conference with the new look and info. Below is the proposed scheme of how the 
info will be broken out.  Your comments and pointers to other resources are 
very much appreciated. The proposed structure is below. Each of the resource 
pages will be a series of links to specific written resources, many from the 
Cohousing Resource Guide, but also encompassing other resources as well. Each 
area for instance will have a pointer to the relevant section of the 
cohousing-l archives. The basic goal is to create a huge online library of 
valuable resources for forming cohousing groups.

Master page with links to resouce areas
resource area pages including:
Getting started (What is cohousing, first steps, mission and value statements, 
visions, first meetings)
Working in groups  (decision making, consensus, conflict resolution, group 
Legal oganizations (overview of legal formats, finding a lawyer, list of 
sample docs available, pointers to bylaws, etc.)
Finding a site (Land search)
Find people (recruitment)
Site design (Site design issues)
Commonhouse (commonhouse design issues)
Working with lenders (banks, loans, appraisals, FMNA etc.)
Construction phase (finding a contractor, issues about building, sustainable 
and alternative  materials)
Living together (community dinner, laundry, kids, etc.)
References and other resources (lists of books, magazines, articles about 

Send me your comments, ideas and resources. 

Rob Sandelin----------
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